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Another year has come and gone.

If you have not heard, our little family has moved out of the Dallas area and are now in a temporary location close to Oklahoma. This is only until we can find a house that is a good fit for us. In the mean time, we have been very blessed by the Tuttle’s generosity as they have opened up their home to our little family as we are in transition……aka….squatting!

We enjoyed a great Thanksgiving at the ranch as we were able to hang out with friends and family. The weather was great and we all enjoyed being outside riding horses, going on hikes, jumping hay bales and just hanging out.

December saw little man Reed turn 3 and he is officially a big dog now. He is quite the cutie still. He is very affectionate little guy but can be easily frustrated, especially if there is a lack of sleep. He is a great independent player and loves to be silly. Reed enjoys dancing and singing, especially in the car. The boy really loves his bass and tiny, slow motion dances. As a family, we went to Chuckee and all the kids had fun. We also had some ice cream with friends for a little faux party as we were in the process of moving.

Beck is growing and doing well in school. He seems to have a good mind for Math and is also starting to put more and more sounds together as he figures out the reading thing. He is also a silly guy but loves to be read to still. He is constantly working on self-control but is really a sweet tender hearted guy. You will often find him loving on babies or dogs and has a good sense of humor.

Ms. Grace continues to love reading. You will often find her in her PJ’s curled up with a good book. She loves to play board games as does Beck. Some of her current favorites include: Gubs, Zeus on the Loose, Skip bo, Uno, Rat A Tat cat, Monopoly, Legos and puzzles of all kinds. They also all enjoy Playmobil stuff where they act and talk for the characters. It seems to be even more fun and engaging when Mom or Dad plays with them. Go figure!

This has been a great year for our family and we have felt the hand of the Lord at work in our lives. We have always had enough to eat, a place to sleep, friends to do life with, a church to grow in, jobs that provide as well as many other blessings. Thanks for the many prayers on behalf of our family. They have been felt and appreciated!


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